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Tuki Company

What's a Tuki Box?

A curated box full of essentials to help take care of Mom after childbirth. We talked to 100s of moms about what was essential and created a box full of items for the 4th trimester.

Be prepared for postpartum

Nursery is ready. Hospital bag is packed. Now it’s time to prepare for the 4th trimester. Postpartum Joy has the essentials you need for your postpartum recovery but also items you'll want to help you find time for yourself.


What every new mom needs

Every mom needs to know what to expect after birth. Every mom deserves to have the essential products to help her recover and take time for herself as she navigates her new world. Postpartum Joy provides all that!



"It is borderline upsetting at how much I relied on those products. The pads, lovely sitz bath, disposable underwear and most importantly the peri bottle, were absolute staples. I seriously would have been underprepared for the aftermath of birth if I had not been gifted this box."

– Katie

"My Tuki box made packing for my hospital visit way easier as all of the items were on recommended packing lists. Everything I need postpartum was in this package."

– Courtney

Born from one mom's mission to normalize the realities of postpartum recovery.

Providing honesty, empathy, kindness and love to moms preparing for postpartum.

Delivering curated packages that include Canadian & women owned brands.

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