Tuki Company


Tuki was born from personal experience of struggling with postpartum recovery and constantly wondering, “why didn’t anyone tell me about this?” Supporting moms and preparing them for a better 4th trimester quickly became a passion.

Tuki strives to not only make postpartum recovery products easily accessible, but also to help initiate conversations about the realities of postpartum. The reality is it’s hard.  But I want to try and make it a bit easier for you.

The products in our care packages were chosen after asking hundreds of moms what they considered essential after childbirth.  Once I knew what items to include, I searched for amazing companies to work with. Companies that are rooted in doing good for others, being eco-friendly, and having moms’ best interest at heart.  I found them and love them!  Some are Canadian, most are women-owned, all are awesome.
I truly hope you find our products helpful in your 4th trimester!
Kim - Owner
I truly hope you find our products helpful in your 
4th trimester!
Kim - Owner