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Tuki Company


How do I decide on a size for the nursing tank?

Choose a size based on sizing of clothes pre-pregnancy.  If you have any issues with fit once you receive the tank please reach out!

Can I exchange my nursing tank for a different size?

Absolutely!  We love these tanks so much and want you to love them as well.  Reach out to kim@tukicompany.com if you have any issues with sizing.

Is shipping included?

Shipping is not included in the price of each care package.  We hope our postpartum care packages reach as many moms as possible, near and far.  To make that happen shipping is calculated at checkout.  Local delivery is available.

Do you deliver?

Yes!  Tuki postpartum care packages can be delivered for free if you live in London, Woodstock or Ingersoll.  

What’s your return policy?

Due to the intimate nature of the products in our packages, unfortunately we can’t accept returns.  Please reach out to us at kim@tukicompany.com if you have any concerns with your care package.  

How and why did you chose the products in the care packages?

We’ve asked so many moms what helped them in their physical recovery after birth.  The items in our care packages are the top choices.  Once we decided on these items, we searched high and low to find great companies with awesome products.  These companies are doing amazing things for moms.

Why the name Tuki?

The name of the company needed to represent our mission, but also have a personal connection.  After months of trying to rearrange my kids’ names into an interesting word and searching for meaningful postpartum words in other languages, I told my mom one of the frontrunners for a name was tuki because it means support in Finnish.  She got a strange look on her face.  I thought she hated the idea.  The next words out of her mouth were serendipitous.  “That’s the word your grandma used to use for vagina.”  And no, my grandma was not Finnish.  So strange that my grandma did that, but it’s the perfect name!  Of course, we do more than support vaginas, but you get it.